Chameleon eBooks creates smart digital experiences which convey life skills and cognitive abilities. Children experience thought-provoking, creativity-enhancing and brain-stimulating activities through fun, engaging, value-driven experiences. For children these experiences can become a helpful part of a balanced life that includes a range of physical activities, skill development, and social interactions.

We live in a dynamic reality where rapid changes in technology and information impact EDUCATION, the WORK SPACE and EVERYDAY LIFE.

Kids need to learn some new skill sets!

We believe that reading books is one of the most effective means of increasing educational outcomes, improving levels of happiness and confidence, enhancing imagination and aspirations, promoting social participation and mobility. However, today, kids rarely read books and are more occupied with smart phones, computers and television.

In our instant age of digital media, how do we still encourage kids to read?


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Guy Sharon – Founder and Producer

New media veteran with over 20 years hands on experience initiating, producing and managing content driven concepts and projects. Specializing in creating and wrapping creative rich content for various broadcasting platforms such as mobile devices, broadband internet and digital TV.

Amichai Naveh Marmor – Assosiate Producer

Game Designer and Producer with 8 years of experience in the game development industry in various roles. Entrepreneur, community manager and game design course coordinator and teacher at the Hebrew University’s Youth Science Center. Co-Founded Game IS, GameDevJLM and GDG JLM.

Andre Thernovai – Art Director

Accomplished director and animator with over twenty years of experience in art directing, animating, character and location designing and production supervision. Andre possesses a traditional art and animation background with storytelling and artistic sensibilities and skills. He has a unique creative design style and passion for art and contributes to the great craft and canon of visual media and entertainment.

Tenno Sooster – Lead Animator

2D artist and animator with extensive lead experience in animation TV series and features, PC games, web sites and interactive books development. Diversified skills and experience as a manager of teams, projects and schedules as it relates to art production for entertainment.

Boaz Cohen – Sound Director 

During his 15 years in the field, Boaz produced and designed audio for every media outlet – TV, film, internet and gaming. Since 2008 Boaz has been leading the sound department of Playtech, one of the largest gaming providers in the world, and is responsible for releasing more than 200 games & apps since, including brands like Sopranos, Gladiator & Marvel games series, to name a few.

Guy Hasson – Script Writer

Guy is a Science fiction author, a playwright and a filmmaker. His short stories have been translated into 7 languages, and two of his stories won the Geffen Award for Best Short Story of the Year. His latest book is called The Emoticon Generation. He is currently the CEO and head writer of New Worlds Comics.

Ofer Schlussel – Lead Developer 

Ofer is a computer engineer, working in the field of game development for more than 9 years, specializing in interactive books for kids. With an extensive knowledge in mobile development, multiplatform programming and algorithms, he has overseen the creation of books which stayed at the top selling apps list for long weeks.