The children’s book market has always been driven largely by nostalgia where we, as adults, want to pass on to the next generation not only our beloved favorite books but also the way we experienced them. Despite traditional thinking, kids’ books are on the cutting edge of technological innovation and the rapid adoption of mobile devices by families with children is bringing new life to the reading experience. What remains the same in this bold new frontier is the love of sharing a story, something that the shift from words on paper to words on a device won’t threaten.

At Chameleon eBooks we believe that reading is a part of the magic of childhood. This will never change! Our main objective is to encourage kids to engage with the written word by enriching their experience. We implement enhancements carefully and integrate features seamlessly into the story with no bells and whistles that might distract the young reader. We believe that less is more!

We do not use In-app purchases, ads, email, the web or links that leave to social media in our story books.


High Quality Content

The heart of any great storybook is a great story. Parents and teachers affect book selection for 7–12 year-olds, as they seek for high quality content. We designed the way the text, art, sound and storyline integrate together as our number one priority. We then planned how other ‘enhancements’ could be added to suit the narrative. We enriched the storybook with extended interactions of high-quality content and a good story, rather than offer distractions. The storybook promotes: Interactions which are relatively brief, rather than time-consuming; Support for making text-based inferences; Making difficult vocabulary easier to understand; Activities which are on the same page as the text display, rather than on a separate screen.

Duh Color Stuff (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.


Remediating With Digital Books

Interactive digital books have an edge when it comes to encouraging reluctant readers or kids with learning disabilities to take on the challenge of a book. The use of audio narration, sound effects, animations, videos and games in such books can really “hook” the reader. This medium is a valuable tool for addressing therapy goals and to help expand a kid’s communication skills. The storybook presents materials which are especially good for developing conceptual or logical abilities, such as sequencing, abstract thinking, and class inclusion. The short text paragraphs are excellent for dyslexic children to teach left-to-right progression, discrimination of important details and to give practice in reading. Guided work with such may help the kid distinguish fantasy from reality and to express himself verbally in a clearer manner.


Curriculum Enhancement

We have worked to develop a classroom activities pack. The focus is to bring the storybook to planned learnings for teachers whom are looking for deeper ways to integrate interactive digital books into their classroom setting. The pack includes activities aligned with the new US Common Core State Standards to help teachers integrate the product into the curriculum. The pack embodies multiple subjects tied to the storybook with printable support materials.
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