What Is It All About

Neighborhood Watch Kids and Duh Color Stuff™ is an exciting adventure story in which five brave young kids and their accompanying pet dog, set out to save their neighborhood. Join Arnold, Maya, Johnny, Suzie, Billy and Paw in their amazing journey to self-discovery. Help them overcome their differences, make the right choices and work together as a team to solve the mysterious events.

Will the Neighborhood Watch Kids succeed in saving their neighborhood?

  • Make 16 decisions on how the story evolves
  • Discover 21 possible ways for the story to end
  • Play 10 challenging games to solve the mystery

Enjoy a beautifully illustrated digital book with appealing animations and sounds.


Our Cool Features

Amazing Story

Kids make their own influential choices which affect the storyline.

Exciting Adventure

Kids take part in a mysterious adventure while making moral decisions from everyday situations.

Challenging Games

Kids will use their skills to solve and overcome obstacles they encounter on their journey.

Multiple Endings

Kids will be able to experience multiple story endings based on the choices and decisions they have made.

Beautifully Presented

Attractive illustrations, spiced up with appealing animations, music and sound.

Intuitive interface

A well thought friendly interface especially designed for kids.