How do I start?

There are two options to choose from:

The story will be told by the narrator and the pages will flip automatically
You will read by yourself and control the page flip
The option you chose can be easily changed in the ‘Options’ dropdown menu.

How do I move between paragraphs and pages?

There are two ways to accomplish this:

Swiping on the screen left or right as soon as the text appears will flip the page. Swiping on the screen right to left while reading will move you between paragraphs.

Pressing the left or right arrow as soon as the text appears will flip the page. Pressing the right arrow while reading will move you between paragraphs.

What is the ‘Options’ dropdown menu?

This menu enables you to control (turn on\off) some book settings. To open or close the menu, tap on the ‘Dog’ icon.

Which book settings can I control?

Will turn on\off the narration for the story

Will turn on\off the music and sound FX for the story

Will turn on\off automatic flipping of paragraphs and pages. Auto flip is the default option when you choose ‘Read to me’ at the beginning of the story. When turned off, you will control the page flip.

Will turn on\off the progress arrows shown in the text box at the bottom of the page.

How do I return to the book’s cover page?

Tapping ‘HOME’ in the ‘Options’ menu, will get you back to the cover page.

Can I enjoy the full visuals of the page I’m at?

Sure. Tap on the ‘Book’ Icon to open and close the text box on each page of the story separately.

I am asked to make choices during the story. What are they?

While reading the story you will be able to decide how to progress. Tap the choice you think is best for the situation.

There are different mini-games during the story. How do I play them?

Search, choose, move, hide, replace, match, drag and drop while following the mini games instructions.

Can I save/mark my place in the book?

When you open the book, there is an option to pick one of the characters and start the story. Your place in the book is saved automatically. When you come back to the story, choose your character and you will continue from where you left off.


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